Harleian Miscellany: A wonderful collection of British tracts, partly edited by Dr. Johnson

The Harleian Miscellany; for sale

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The Harleian Miscellany: Or, A Collection Of Scarce, Curious And Entertaining Tracts…Found In The Late Earl Of Oxford’s Library.

London, T. Osbourn, 1744-45.

8 volumes. 4to (25x19cm).

Two library bookplates in the front of each volume. The books rather dusty on the top, which effects the top margins of some pages.

The set bound in brown leather probably of approximately the same date as the books. The pages held together solidly, but the bindings very worn and defective, the leather split on the hinges and most of the covers as good as detached. The edges of the boards often heavily worn and, on many volumes, some leather lost on the boards by the hinges.


Volumes 1: xvi + viii + 608 pages. Lacking pages 315-20, page 314 with a tear in the margin. A little browning, but never affecting legibility, the title page and the last six pages of the index more heavily browned. The endpapers crudely reinforced with tape, the front endpaper torn and marked.

Volume 2: xii + 612 pages. Some marks and brown spots, never effecting legibility and a little creasing, but the pages generally crisp and white. The title page and following leaf somewhat browned.

Volume 3: xii + 556 + 56 pages of ‘Catalogue of Pamphlets in the Harleian Library‘. The title page with a small piece of paper torn away at the top. A faint brown water stain running through the volume, extending about 8 cm down, from the top of the page, sometimes wrinkling the paper a little, never preventing legibility. Some marks and browning, mainly in the margins, again not preventing legibility. The front endpaper torn.

Volume 4; : xii + 564 pages + pages 57-96 of the catalogue. Generally clean, with some brown spotting and creasing, mainly in the margins, legible throughout. A few pages creased at the top corner where they are rather dusty. The title page and leaf following somewhat browned.

Volume 5: xii + 576 pages + pages 97-136 of the catalogue. The title page browned and a little marked, light, even browning to some pages, rather heavier browning and dustiness to some pages including the last 10 pages, never affecting the legibility of the text. The front endpaper worn and detached.

Volume 6: xii + 584 pages + pages 137- 164 of the catalogue. Top margins dusty, some browning, the first two leaves and the last three leaves more heavily marked, not affecting

legibility. The endpapers marked.

Volume 7: xii + 602 pages + pages 165- 168 of the catalogue. Some quite heavy browning, marking and dustiness to some pages particularly, never preventing legibility.

Volume 8: xii + 612 pages. Some light even browning to some pages as well as brown spots on some pages, a few pages rather dusty. Legible throughout. The later pages more heavily marked with a crease (from the stitching) across the corner of the last 50 or so pages.




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