Scarce Collection of Eighteenth Century Fiction

Collection of Novels, 1722

Book Author: 

Segrais, John Renald de, etc.

Book Title: 

A Select Collection of Novels In Six Volumes (Volume 1 only) Zayde, The Marriage of Belfegor, The Jealous Extremaduran

London, J.Watts etc., 1722
  Volume 1 only.  12mo, (16.5 x 9.5cm).  Frontispiece + 20 unnumbered pages + lii + 333 pages.  Two leaves of the unnumbered pages (Dedication and Preface) bound out of sequence, but the text complete.
  The title page printed in red and black.  A second title page with the date 1720.  In addition to the titles listed above the first fifty two pages contain M. Huet’s…Letter Upon the Origin of Romance.
  The pages heavily browned, but not preventing the text being read.  Some pages with corners turned over, particularly at the beginning of the book.  
  Collates: frontispiece: A2-A12 (2 leaves out of sequence),  a,b12: B-O12: P 1-11 (text ends ‘The End of the First Volume’.
  The pages held firmly together by a worn old leather spine: the covers detached and one not original, since they do not match.


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