Dictionary Of Husbandry, Gardening... And All Sorts Of Country Affairs Volume 1. Scarce

Dictionary Of Husbandry, Gardening etc. 1765

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Dictionarium Rusticum, Urbanicum et Botanicum: Or, A Dictionary Of Husbandry, Gardening, Trade, Commerce, And All Sorts Of Country Affairs…Volume 1

London, L. Hawes etc., 1765
  Volume 1 only.  8vo. (20.5x13cm), pages unnumbered but approximately 450 pages.
  Reasonably light browning and creasing, but the text always easily readable.  A number of small illustrations within the text and two inserted engravings, one folding.  The folding illustration a little creased and torn.
Bound in a brown leather binding, of approximately the date of the book.  The binding with the surface rubbed away in places and a few small pieces of leather missing, the largest approximately 1cm square.  The binding dry and the leather splitting on the hinges, small pieces of leather missing along about 3 cm of each hinge.
  The paste down endpapers loose from the boards and some small pieces of sealing wax on the rear endpaper.
  A fascination book of practical information concerning rural and household affairs, from the Eighteenth Century