Dialogues of Pope Gregory, 1538, in Italian

Dialogo Del Moralissimo Dottore Del la Chiesa Romana Messer San Gregorio Papa...

Book Author: 

Pope Gregory 1, The Great

Book Title: 

Dialogo Del Moralissimo Dottore Del la Chiesa Romana Messer San Gregorio Papa...

Venice, Domenego Zio. E fratelli, 1538

Small 8vo. (14x9.5cm), collates A-V8, X6: 172 leaves, 344 pages.

Generally a good, crisp copy. The title page somewhat creased, with one corner turned over, a very small piece of paper missing on the top corner and the remains of some ink writing at the bottom. A very small hole in the title page. Some small holes caused by the stitching in the inner margin of the title page and a slight seperation between the title page and the endpaper. A few pages with the very corner turned over.

A few small brown marks to the pages.

The endpapers a little marked and creased.

Leaf Q1 strenghened along the inner margin with a strip of paper a similar strip of paper along part of the edge of the page: these strips of paper touching, but not obscuring the text. A third strip of paper at the bottom of the leaf. Rather heavier marking to this leaf: and a crease (perhaps a repaired tear) running across the lower half distorting some letters.

A mark and a name in ink on the last blank page.

A thick ink line on the fore-edge of the book, this sometimes visible in the margin of the pages.

Bound in flexible white vellum, the vellum solid, but heavily wrinkled and discoloured. Very small pieces of vellum missing at the bottom of the spine and a few very small holes in the vellum on the front cover. The title written in ink on the spine of the book.

The top edge of the book dusty. The front cover standing a little open when the book is closed.


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