Whitehall Theatre Actor’s working script

Playscript Used by Hal Orlandini

Book Author: 

Marriott, Antony and Foot, Alistair

Book Title: 

Uproar In The House A Farce

Typescript from the Whitehall Theatre production, with numerous handwritten alterations.

28x23cm, 116 pages, each typed on one side of the paper. Worn, the first and last leaves torn and defective, without loss of text. The list of characters in the play has the names of the actors written on it, and this copy appears to have been used by Hal Orlandini, who played David Prosser, since this role is extensively annotated, corrected, and has added notes about stage business. A fascinating insight into how a script was adapted for stage production.

This extremely successful Farce has been revived on a number of occasions, the same writers created the phenomenally successful No Sex Please We’re British.