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Catalogue Heading Book Author Book Title Datesort descending Price
Leslie, Charles, The Theological Works £185.00
Dyche, English Dictionary, 1750 English Dictionary, printed 1750, by Thomas Dyche and William Pardon Dyche and Pardon A New General Dictionary of the English Language…The Sixth Edition £95.00
Henry Cockton. Sylvester Sound The Somnambulist £75.00
Transactions of the St. Paul’s Ecclesiological Society Volume 6. 1906-1910 £40.00
La Vie de Cesar Borgia, appellé Le Duc de Valentinois Londondery, 17th Century Inscription Thomas, T. La Vie de Cesar Borgia, appellé Le Duc de Valentinois…Traduit de l’Italien… £160.00
Merrie Englandm Birket Foster The Merrie Days of England, 1859, beautiful Victorian gift book illustrated by Birket Foster etc. Edward McDermott The Merrie Days of England, Sketches of Olden Time £48.00
Wood, Mrs. Henry Dene Hollow £15.00
Henty G. A. Facing Death; or, the Hero of the Vaughan Pit ... £45.00
Swedenborgism New Church Essays on Science, Philosophy and Religion… £50.00
Ethiopic Christian texts, translated into English E.A. Wallis Budge, translator The Contendings of the Apostles, Volume 2 The English Translation £38.00