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Catalogue Heading Book Authorsort descending Book Title Date Price
Remainder Centre Ltd. Catalogue, for sale Unrecorded Catalogue of Remainders from 1943 Catalogue of Books of World Wide Interest from Remainder Centre Ltd. 1943 £20.00
Catalogue of Liturgies Important Catalogue of Liturgies British Museum. Catalogue of Printed Books. Liturgies. 1899 £165.00
Westlake Popular Hymns, for sale The Popular Hymn and Tune Book edited by Frederick Westlake The Popular Hymn and Tune Book £30.00
Bell's British Theatre 1776, Illustration from Bell's British Theatre Bell's British Theatre Bell’s British Theatre Consisting of the Most Esteemed British Plays, complete in 20 volumes. 1776 £595.00
Catalogue Antiquarian Bibles Catalogue of Antiquarian Bibles The Oscotian Catalogue of the Old Library Part II: The Bible Collections 1971 £17.50
Essai Sur le Beau 1767, for sale Essai Sur le Beau Par le Père André J… André, Yves Marie Essai Sur le Beau Par le Père André J… Avec Un Discours Preliminaire, Ex des Refléctions sur le Gôut. Par M. Formey. 1767 £45.00
Noctes Atticae printed 1666, for sale Attic Nights - Aulus Gellius Aulus Gellius Noctes Atticae Cum Selectis Novisque Commentariis et Accurata Reccensione Antonii Thys I, J.C. & Jacobi Oisel I, J.C. 1666 £145.00
Bacon's Essays published by William Pickering Bacon, Francis The Essays or Counsels Civil and Moral and Wisdom of the Ancients 1845 £48.00
Beaumont and Fletcher, Works 1701 Jacobean Drama Beaumont and Fletcher The Works of Mr. Francis Beaumont and Mr. John Fletcher. Volume the Seventh. 1701 £75.00
Sir Walter Besant, original letter, Original Signature, Sir Walter Besant Sir Walter Besant. Handwritten letter, signed, 1889, regarding a recent work by him. Besant, Sir Walter Original Manuscript 1889 £45.00