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Catalogue Heading Book Author Book Title Datesort descending Price
Trial of Sacheverell, 1710 The Trial of Dr. Henry Sacheverell, 1710... an earth-shaking event in British politics and religious affairs The Trial of Dr. Henry Sacheverell…Published by Order of the House of Peers 1710 £65.00
Bysshe Shelley Inscription Shelley, Percy Bysshe (Poet). Book with Family Association Horace Opera 1715 £200.00
Science Book, 1719, for sale Early Eighteenth Century Science Nieuwentyt, Dr. B. The Religious Philosopher: Or the Right USE of Contemplating the Works of the Creator…Vol. II 1719 £135.00
The Ladies Library   Sir Richard Steele Steele, Sir Richard The Ladies Library. Volume the Third. Written by a Lady. 1732 £100.00
Observations On Poetry, by Henry Pemberton, 1738 Observations On Poetry, Occasioned by the Late Poem Upon Leonidas by Henry Pemberton bound with Leonidas by Richard Glover Pemberton, Henry Observations On Poetry , Especially the Epic: Occasioned by the Late Poem Upon Leonidas 1738 £85.00
The British Muse, 1738, for sale The British Muse, scarce and important anthology of English Poetry Hayward, Thomas (editor) The British Muse, Or, A Collection of Thoughts Moral, Natural and Sublime, of our English Poets… 1738 £150.00
Ludlow Memoirs, 1751, for sale Memoirs of Edmund Ludlow Esq. British Civil War Ludlow, Edmund Memoirs of Edmund Ludlow Esq.; Lieutenant-General of Horse… 1751 £180.00
Officium Hebdomadae Sanctae… printed in Brescia Officium Hebdomadae Sanctae 1758 £35.00
Essai Sur le Beau 1767, for sale Essai Sur le Beau Par le Père André J… André, Yves Marie Essai Sur le Beau Par le Père André J… Avec Un Discours Preliminaire, Ex des Refléctions sur le Gôut. Par M. Formey. 1767 £45.00
Mark Akenside Poems  1772 Akenside, Mark. The Poems Akenside, Mark The Poems Of Mark Akenside, M.D 1772 £50.00