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Catalogue Headingsort descending Book Author Book Title Date Price
Bibliography of Henry James, Third Edition, for sale Henry James - The Standard Bibliography Leon Edel and Dan H. Laurence A Bibliography of Henry James Third Edition £16.00
Henry James The Tragic Muse, 2nd edition, Henry James, The Tragic Muse, 1891. 2nd edition, the first one volume edition James, Henry The Tragic Muse 1891 £24.00
Henty G. A. Facing Death; or, the Hero of the Vaughan Pit ... £45.00
Herrmann, Wolfgang War Plato Ein Mystiker? Herrmann, Wolfgang War Plato Ein Mystiker? 1919 £75.00
Howells, W. D The Rise of Silas Lapham. £50.00
Huysmans J.-K. Trois Primitifs £30.00
Catalogue of Liturgies Important Catalogue of Liturgies British Museum. Catalogue of Printed Books. Liturgies. 1899 £165.00
Ingraham, J.H., Editor. The Sunny South; or, the Southerner at Home, Embracing Five Years' Experience of a Northern Governess in the Land of the Sugar and the Cotton.. £60.00
Isherwood, Christopher Lions and Shadows £45.00
Beaumont and Fletcher, Works 1701 Jacobean Drama Beaumont and Fletcher The Works of Mr. Francis Beaumont and Mr. John Fletcher. Volume the Seventh. 1701 £75.00