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Catalogue Headingsort descending Book Author Book Title Date Price
Constantin Stanislavsky My Life in Art £25.00
Corbet Anderson, J. Antiquities of Croydon Church, Destroyed by Fire, January 5th, 1867. £80.00
Cowper, William  Poetical Works Cowper, William Poems Beautifully Bound Cowper, William Poetical Works 1861 £30.00
Defoe, Daniel A Second Volume of the Writings of the Author of the True-Born Englishman 1705 £140.00
Diaghilev-Lifar Library Diaghilev-Lifar Library 1975 £35.00
Dialogo Del Moralissimo Dottore Del la Chiesa Romana Messer San Gregorio Papa..., Dialogues of Pope Gregory, 1538, in Italian Pope Gregory 1, The Great Dialogo Del Moralissimo Dottore Del la Chiesa Romana Messer San Gregorio Papa... 1538 £400.00
Dictionary Of Husbandry, Gardening etc. 1765 Dictionary Of Husbandry, Gardening... And All Sorts Of Country Affairs Volume 1. Scarce Dictionarium Rusticum, Urbanicum et Botanicum: Or, A Dictionary Of Husbandry, Gardening, Trade, Commerce, And All Sorts Of Country Affairs…Volume 1 £175.00
John Clare  Title page of 3rd edition of Poems Early edition of John Clare Clare, John Poems Descriptive of Rural Life and Scenery. 1820 £160.00
Science Book, 1719, for sale Early Eighteenth Century Science Nieuwentyt, Dr. B. The Religious Philosopher: Or the Right USE of Contemplating the Works of the Creator…Vol. II 1719 £135.00
Egan, Pierce Fair Rosamond. £65.00