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Catalogue Heading Book Author Book Title Datesort descending Price
Beecher, Henry Ward. Norwood; or Village Life in New England. £25.00
Test This is a Test £0.50
Visual Arts - Gothic Revival. The Changed Cross. £35.00
Wise, Thomas & Wheeler S. A Bibliography of ….Walter Savage Landor £50.00
Taylor, Jeremy Unum Necessarium Or, The Doctrine and Practice of Repentance… 1655 £275.00
Noctes Atticae printed 1666, for sale Attic Nights - Aulus Gellius Aulus Gellius Noctes Atticae Cum Selectis Novisque Commentariis et Accurata Reccensione Antonii Thys I, J.C. & Jacobi Oisel I, J.C. 1666 £145.00
Nouvelles Reflexions Etienne Francois de Vernage, 1680, for sale Nouvelles Reflexions par Etienne Vernage, rare edition of 1680 Vernage, Etienne Francois de , Nouvelles Reflexions ou Sentences et Maximes Morales et Politiques 1680 £165.00
La Vie de Gaspard de Coligny, Cologne 1686, for sale La Vie de Gaspard de Coligny, Cologne 1686 Courtilz de Sandras, Gatien La Vie de Gaspard de Coligny 1686 £185.00
Buchanan  Poemata, 1686 Poemata, 1686 Buchanan, George Poemata… 1686 £85.00
Beaumont and Fletcher, Works 1701 Jacobean Drama Beaumont and Fletcher The Works of Mr. Francis Beaumont and Mr. John Fletcher. Volume the Seventh. 1701 £75.00